Day Seven – Walking humbly with man

Today’s Scripture: Micah 6:8; Titus 3:2

The Apostle Paul instructed young Titus to show true humility toward all men. It certainly makes sense—if we are walking with God, then we’re obviously walking among people.

Here’s a great story I read recently that will put a cap on this week’s quest:

A teacher introduced a game called “balloon stomp” to her fourth-grade class. A balloon was tied to every child’s leg, and the object was to pop everyone else’s balloon while protecting one’s own. The last person with an intact balloon would win.

The fourth graders vigorously entered into the spirit of the game. Balloons were relentlessly targeted and destroyed. A few of the children clung to the sidelines to avoid getting popped, but their balloons were doomed just the same. The entire battle was over in a matter of seconds, leaving only one balloon inflated. You guessed it—the winner was the most disliked kid in the class. It’s hard to really win at a game like balloon stomp because in order to win, one must be pushy and rude and offensive.

Later that day the game was introduced to another class, only these students were mentally handicapped children. They were given the same explanation as the first class, and the signal to begin was given. This time the game proceeded very differently. The one idea that got through was that the balloons were supposed to be popped. So, the balloons, not the other players, were viewed as enemies.

Instead of fighting each other, the students began helping each other pop balloons. One little girl knelt down and held her balloon carefully in place while a little boy stomped it flat. Then he got down and held his balloon for her. It went on like this for several minutes until all the balloons were vanquished, and everybody cheered. Everyone was a winner.
When we walk humbly with God, we will let our balloon be popped, and we will celebrate someone else’s victory.

  • How will a person’s attitude change toward other people if he is intentionally walking humbly with God?
  • How will your relationship with the Lord be different after this week’s quest?

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  1. My relationship with God has gotten stronger, there has been so many things going on that I had no other choice but to lean in God were I wanted to go into my flesh, I had to go to God and let Him humble me, a lot of things I had to let go of pride, not to feel proud, and I had to respect the view of others and most of all my family and my husband. I don’t ever want to think my self better than others. My pray is to always stay humble to God then and only then I can stay humble to man. Thank you Sister Mary.

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