Day Five – Sober up

Today’s Scripture: Romans 12:3

Paul instructed that we shouldn’t think more highly of ourselves, but we should use “sober judgment.” The term “sober” means not exaggeratednot overstated or inflated. It’s possible to think more highly of ourselves when we assume we can do more than what the Lord intended. We may not verbally brag about how great we are, but our actions speak otherwise.

While Moses served as judge for the people, he certainly wasn’t using sober judgment for himself. He was well-intentioned, but did far more than what he should. How could one lone man adequately judge hundreds of thousands of people—and maintain his strength and sanity? Fortunately, Jethro saw what Moses couldn’t see, and he helped Moses sober up.

If you are a workaholic, or if your value is strongly connected to the work you do, listen for cues from those close to you. Comments like “You’re hardly ever home.” or “Why do you keep taking on more responsibility?” or “Do you ever sleep?” may be hints that something is out of alignment. For Moses, Jethro’s question, “What is this you are doing for the people?” became his awareness that something was out of alignment.

If you release responsibilities you’re not supposed to carry, your value won’t diminish. Instead, you will become an even more valuable leader because you’ll be multiplying yourself. Just be sure you stay sober.

  • What work ethics do you have that may be out of alignment? How can you use “sober judgment” so you don’t think you can do more than what you should?