Day Four – Giving constructive criticism

Today’s Scripture: Exodus 18:17-23

Jethro was a savvy leader, and his timing was impeccable. First, he observed carefully. Then, he shared his observations. Finally, he offered a solution.

Some people are quick to contribute their criticism without offering a workable resolution. These types of people love to complain and criticize with no thought to how their words will land. Every valid criticism should include an achievable purpose that benefits everyone. If there is no valid purpose, the criticism can do more harm than good.

Notice Moses did not ask for Jethro’s opinion. But, this father-in-law had established enough trust with Moses so he could be bold enough to address a situation that might have resulted in catastrophe had he not intervened.

Before offering constructive criticism to someone who has not requested it, first determine how much they trust you. Then follow Jethro’s lead: Observe carefully, share kindly, and include a workable solution.

  • How awkward is it for you to offer constructive criticism to others? What difference would it make if you included a workable solution?