Day Six – Beware the scare of atrophy

Today’s Scripture: Exodus 18:17-27

One of the detriments to overworking is that other gifted people are not given opportunity to use their talents. Leaders like Moses may think they’re serving the people, but instead they may be causing “spiritual atrophy” in their followers.

Atrophy is the wasting away or serious weakening of muscles. People who suffer an injury or become bedridden lose muscle mass, sometimes forgetting how to walk, or easily losing their balance.

Jethro wisely pointed out that Moses had capable leaders in the ranks who could assist him by serving as officials over the people. They just needed to be trusted and put in the right place. If they weren’t given opportunity to exercise their leadership muscle, atrophy could set in. Furthermore, those individuals who had potential to become future leaders wouldn’t have a chance to develop their skills. This could result in weak, dependent people enabled by a frustrated, exhausted leader.

If you are in a leadership position, be sure to share the responsibility with people who are capable, or who have the potential to grow into the position. Equip others so the muscle mass in the entire body is strong.

  • Are you an enabler or an equipper? What needs to change so you can help others exercise their muscle?