Day One – Keeping our curiosity

Today’s Scripture: Luke 1:1-80

Some stories in scripture are very familiar—particularly the Christmas and the Easter stories. Those of us who were raised in the church have heard decades-worth of accounts of the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus. As wonderful as that may sound, we might need to be a bit cautious, because the familiar can lose its appeal. When something loses its appeal, we lose curiosity.

This year, let’s take another look at the story of the birth of Christ. Take time to read Luke 1. Be curious as you read through this well-known story and see what new insights you discover. If Luke, the author, realized the importance of “investigating” and “writing an orderly report” about the events of Jesus (see verse 3), we should investigate as well so we can discover something fresh from this story.

One thing I recently uncovered is that Luke 1 contains four questions asked within nine months of each other. I love Bible questions because they lead us to ask even more questions. Besides that, each of the four queries in Luke 1 reveals something about the people who asked.

This year, let’s give Jesus a special gift by diving deeper into the story of His birth. He’ll love it—and so will we.

  • Which Bible stories have become overly-familiar to you? Challenge yourself to “investigate” them and discover something new.
  • If you could give Jesus a gift in honor of His birthday, what would you give Him?