Day Two – God’s shocking Presence

Today’s Scripture: Luke 1:5-12

Zechariah was the priest on duty at the temple. Although scripture states he was chosen “by lot,” the appearance of the angel was no chance meeting. It was a divine appointment.

Zechariah was performing his routine priestly duties in the temple—a place where one would assume the Lord’s Presence would be evident. Yet scripture states the priest was “startled and gripped with fear” when the angel showed up. What happened to the old man’s expectations? Had his ministry become so mundane that he could burn incense without feeling the fire of the Lord?

Before we come down too hard on Zechariah, let’s take a little introspective look. When we gather together to worship, how much do we expect the Lord to show up in our midst? Or has church become a ritual with no spiritual expectations—much like this priest’s routine in the temple?

Yes, some of us have been around the block a time or two. The problem is we’re circling the same block. Why not change the scenery a little and see what God has up His creative sleeve? A good spiritual shock from the Almighty might be just what we need to make our hearts race with fresh expectation.

  • Where do you think the church has lost its expectation of the Presence of the Lord? How can it be regained?
  • How can you stay “young” so God can birth something new through you?