Day One – Life is Short—Pray!

“What will be the sign that the Lord will heal me and that I will go up to the temple of the Lord on the third day from now?” 2 Kings 20:8

Today’s Scripture: 2 Kings 18:1-7

Hezekiah was a great king. In fact scripture states there was no one like him among all the kings of Judah, and he was successful in everything he did. He was twenty-five when he came to the throne, and he reigned twenty-nine years. Throughout his reign, he enjoyed the fellowship and advice of Isaiah the prophet, no doubt one of the reasons he stayed faithful. Hezekiah showed amazing trust in God through every challenge he faced—every challenge except one.

When Hezekiah was thirty-nine, Isaiah warned him that his life was going to end due to a physical illness. He didn’t receive the news too well. He pleaded with the Lord to grant him a longer life. God gave him what he wanted and added fifteen years to his life. Hezekiah may have regretted praying that prayer.

Looking back on my unanswered prayers, I’m very thankful the Lord didn’t give me everything I wanted. He saved me from myself.

This week as we look at different aspects in the life of Hezekiah, we can be encouraged on two points: (1) The most well-intentioned people make mistakes, yet the Lord still blesses; and, (2) If God doesn’t answer our prayer, it’s for our own good.

Enjoy the quest!

  • What prayers have you prayed in the past that you’re now glad God didn’t answer? How does that affect your current prayer life?