Day Four – Where did you lose your edge?

Today’s Scripture: 2 Kings 6:6

In the process of cutting down trees, the borrowed ax head came loose and fell into the water. The young prophet panicked, but Elisha appeared quite composed. “Where did it fall?” he calmly asked. However, progress stopped while they returned to the place of loss.

When we lose our edge, we must return to the very place where we lost it. The same way progress stopped as they waited to retrieve the lost ax head, our spiritual progress may stop if we don’t do what we can to regain our edge. In fact, we can actually start to sink from the weight of the loss.

God performed a great miracle when He inspired Elisha to grab a stick and throw it in the water. What are the chances of an iron ax head floating? In the natural realm—pretty slim. But, in the supernatural realm—it’s possible. If we will return to where we first “lost it,” the Lord will help us stay afloat so we can retrieve what we lost. For some of us, it may take a supernatural act of God.

  • Where did you lose your edge? What will it take for you to retrieve it?
  • What progress in your life has stopped because of your lost edge?