Day One – The Subtlety of Sin

Today’s Scriptures: Psalm 19:12-14

Several years ago a newspaper published the story about a couple vacationing in a remote area of Mexico. One day, a small dog wandered by their cabin. They offered it some food which the dog eagerly gobbled up. Day after day, the dog returned until the couple became so attached to it that they brought it into their cabin, and eventually smuggled it across the border.

Upon arriving home, they placed the Mexican dog on the floor to see how it would interact with their other dog and the cat. The two dogs sniffed at each other, and the cat simply made herself scarce.

The next day the couple went to work, leaving the three pets home alone. When the wife arrived home for lunch, she was horrified to find the cat dead and the old dog badly wounded. The Mexican dog appeared to be fine. In a panic, she rushed the two dogs to the vet. “Your dog will be fine,” reported the vet after examining both animals “But the other one isn’t a dog. It’s a longhaired rat.”

This cute little animal gave the appearance of being harmless, and it deceptively won the hearts of two innocent individuals who embraced it, fed it, and gave it a home. Isn’t that just like sin? At first, it appears attractive and harmless. It seems small enough to handle and easy to control. But before long, sin attaches itself and shows its true intent—destruction and death.

In today’s scripture, David lists four stages of sin. Let’s follow that progression and hopefully, by the end of this week, we can become more aware of sin’s insidious effects. But, take heart. We will end on a high note, because David gives an amazing solution for stopping the progression of sin!

  • Think of a time you were deceived by the attractiveness of sin. How did you recognize it? What guards have you established so you’re not deceived again?