Day Seven – Spiritual Discipline Deters Sin

Today’s Scripture: Psalms 119:9-11

When our son-in-law attended police academy, he was required to study the procedural manual for the police department. Every night, after hours of instruction and intense physical training, the cadets were required to hand-write portions of the manual. They copied anywhere from twenty to fifty pages daily. Each page had to be completely error-free, including no white-out corrections. If a mistake was made, that page had to be discarded and rewritten until it was perfect. This process required countless hours of painstaking printing, not to mention a lot of wasted paper. By graduation, the cadets had copied the entire three-inch-thick manual by hand.

Clearly, the purpose of this assignment went beyond simple memorization. The instructors wanted the procedures in the manual to become second nature to the cadets. One careless error could potentially prove fatal. Thanks to this extensive training, experienced police officers can move into action instantly because their reflexes have been saturated with protective principles.

Imagine how sharp our spiritual senses would be if we trained ourselves like the police cadets by saturating our minds with His Word. Temptation would certainly be much easier to resist.

But, when we break wisdom principles, the consequences lead to destruction. If the couple who adopted the “Mexican dog” had not broken the law, their pet dog would not have been injured and their cat would not have died. The law was put into place for their protection. Too bad they didn’t follow it.

It all began as an innocent mistake. Who can discern his errors?

  • What can you do to sharpen your spiritual senses? When will you begin?
  • How will your relationship with the Lord be different after this week’s quest?

Feel free to post your insights. I’m eager to hear your thoughts.