Day Three – Hidden Faults

Today’s Scripture – Psalm 19:12, Genesis 42-45

Part of David’s prayer in Psalm 19 is his request for forgiveness of hidden faults—areas people hide because they know they’re not pleasing to God. A hidden fault is more serious than an error because people are aware it exists. It’s just easier to hide than repent.

Consider Joseph’s brothers. They knew it was wrong to mistreat Joseph and deceive their father. Rather than repent, they lived their lives around a well-protected lie.

Our greatest friend is the Holy Spirit, because He shows us hidden faults. He is always kind and compassionate, gently reminding us that what we are doing in secret is not pleasing to God. When we respond to the Spirit’s conviction, His kindness leads to repentance.

I believe the Spirit always begins His work privately, gently showing us our hidden faults and giving us time to respond to His conviction. However, if we don’t respond, that which is hidden won’t remain hidden for long. Joseph’s brothers learned the hard way when God used a wide-spread famine to drive them to Egypt where they came face-to-face with Joseph and their deceit.

How much better to act immediately when the Lord taps us on the shoulder and points out a hidden fault.

  • How do you respond when the Holy Spirit prompts you to deal with a hidden fault?
  • How can you help others appreciate the Spirit’s conviction?

One comment

  1. I go to God and ask His forgiveness then I ask for His help to help me overcome my faults. and repent because repenting mean change of ways, And all I know is that God He is looking for people who’s heart is just like His. and I have to strive to be in harmony with God, you long to please Him, when you do wrong you don’t sweep it under the table. or under the rug, you admit it and come to terms with it. you care deeply about the motivations behind your actions. God He looking for deeply spiritual, genuinely humble, honest to core servants who have integrity. I do know one thing? When God scans the earth for potential leaders or people, He is not looking for perfect people, since there are none . He is searching for men and women like you and me, mere people made up of flesh. but He is also looking for people who share the same qualities He found in David. God He is looking for men and women after His own heart” And my prayer is that I am not running this race for nothing. Thank you sis Mary for food for thought.

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