Day Three – Lace up!

Today’s Scripture: Hebrews 12:1; 2 Timothy 2:15

In the magazine Runner’s World, a reader shared one of his most embarrassing moments when he was running on a treadmill in the college gym and tripped over his shoelace. He flew off the treadmill and slammed into a wall. No doubt a few girls were watching. Poor guy.

When running a race, wearing the right shoes is key. Shoes need to be supportive and secure to avoid unnecessary slipping. One expert said the shoe should feel like part of your foot—a natural fit that guarantees a strong finish. The laces should be snug but not tight. Loose laces can cost a runner the race.

Paul warned about getting rid of anything that hinders—especially sin that can “entangle” and keep us from finishing what we began. The “sin” he refers to is something that causes us to miss the mark or to leave the beaten path. The entanglement of confusion between right and wrong can trip us up and possibly cause great harm. The reality is that others are watching.

We need to live by and know how to handle the Word. God has given us biblical parameters for our own safety. They are intended to secure us, not strangle us. Snug but not too tight—like a natural fit.

Now secure your laces and get ready to run!

  • What trips you up? How can you secure your spiritual laces?