Day Two – Train!

Today’s Scripture: 1 Timothy 4:7

Those who train for marathons know it takes time and practice. Disciplines like healthy eating habits, gradual increase in speed, and periodic resting periods contribute to guaranteed success. Accountability and learning from experts is also vital.

Paul instructed Timothy to “train yourself to be godly.” The Greek word for train is gymnazo from which we get the English word gymnasium. The Greek meaning carries the connotation of training naked or lightly clad, performing intense workouts like a pro-athlete. Paul knew godliness doesn’t happen automatically. It’s an intentional growth process that progresses over time. Spiritual training involves discipline, concentration, and focus.

The same way a runner trains for a marathon, we need to constantly and consistently devote ourselves to spiritual training. Daily devotion to His Word gives us spiritual nutrition. Exercising our faith as we face life’s challenges will strengthen our spiritual muscle. And, of course, taking time to rest in the Trainer’s Presence will bring us the encouragement we need to continue.

If we practice these disciplines, godliness will come automatically.

  • How do you train yourself spiritually? What do you find difficult about enduring through your training?