Day Four – Be drawn out

Today’s Scripture: 1 Samuel 9:21; 10:1-9, 22-23

When Saul was singled out as the first chosen king, he was a shy, awkward, and somewhat confused young man. Wasn’t he from the smallest clan in the smallest tribe? He might have been physically impressive, standing a head taller than anyone else in Israel, but he lacked confidence in his ability to lead. He preferred to stay hidden behind his baggage. But, the Lord had other plans.

Samuel assured Saul that, despite his shyness—and any other baggage he might be carrying—the Spirit of the Lord would come on him and he would be “changed into a different person.”

Some people find comfort hiding behind their baggage, making excuses why they can’t take steps of faith to obey the Lord. He wants to draw us out of our comfort zones so we can be stretched. Now, lest “being stretched” by God concerns you, be at peace. He never stretches to break. He only stretches for growth.

The Lord changed Saul’s heart, granting him boldness fit for a king. He delivered him from the doubts, fears, and excuses that immobilized him. If we’re willing to step out from behind our baggage, God can do the same for us.

  • How do you respond when the Lord tries to draw you out of your comfort zone?
  • What “baggage” are you hiding behind? How would the Lord change you if you allowed Him to draw you out?