Day One – Showing Courage

Today’s Reading: Genesis 46:1-27

Someone said, “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.” It’s not easy to stand up for what is right, especially when challenged about convictions. In the end, our devotion to God should outweigh our desire to please man.

This week’s quest centers around five women who didn’t back down in the face of adversity. Four of them are mentioned in the Bible. One is not. However, the similarities of this fifth woman and the Bible characters are stunning. You will discover that she is definitely worth mentioning.

First, a brief history. The book of Genesis concludes with the story of Joseph and how his entire family, the Israelites, moved to Egypt to be saved from a devastating famine. When they arrived in Egypt, the family totaled seventy. As the years passed, they grew in number until the land of Egypt was filled with Israelites.

Many years after Joseph and the other original Jewish settlers died, a new Pharaoh came into power (around 1600 BC). This Pharaoh was unaware how Joseph’s descendants had originally settled in the land Egypt. Pharaoh only knew that their increased numbers could become a threat to his kingdom. Joseph’s people went from being welcomed guests to becoming feared aliens.  In an attempt to gain greater control, Pharaoh ordered slave masters to oppress the Israelites with forced labor. However, the more the Israelites were afflicted, the more their numbers increased.

In the midst of this cruel persecution, God raised up individuals who exemplified amazing courage by putting their lives on the line. Each person unknowingly played a significant role in Israel’s eventual release from Egyptian bondage because they all had an impact on the life of Moses, the future deliverer of Israel.

We cannot show courage unless we’re in a situation that requires it. This week, when your convictions are challenged, don’t back down. Let this week’s quest empower you to do the right thing every day.

  • What challenge are you facing right now that requires courage on your part?
  • What causes you to compromise your convictions?