Day Four – Wasteful Worship

Today’s Scripture: Matthew 26:8-9

Even though the woman did a beautiful thing when she anointed the head of Jesus with the perfume, the disciples didn’t get it. “Why this waste?” they asked. Theirs wasn’t a question of mere curiosity. It was a judgmental statement that made an already uncomfortable situation even more awkward—especially for the woman.

The disciples’ reaction was offensive on two counts: (1) They were implying that the giver had made a poor choice by recklessly pouring out her life savings before Someone to whom she was devoted. (2) They were almost suggesting that Jesus wasn’t worthy of such an act of worship.

I never cease to be amazed at people who sacrifice so much for the Lord. Take missionaries, for example. They are willing to live in foreign countries for the sake of the Gospel while leaving parents, siblings, grown children, and grandchildren at home. It would be very difficult to make such a sacrifice. But, it’s easy to question the rationale of those who do, isn’t it?

The woman who gave so generously knew that to NOT give would be a waste. So, she offered what she valued most to the One she valued most.

  • What do you consider the most important thing(s) in your life? How difficult/easy would it be for you to offer that to the Lord?
  • Do you think the woman’s gift to the Lord was a waste?