Day Two – Risky Worship

Today’s Scripture: Matthew 26:6-7; Luke 10:38-42

When this woman approached Jesus, she was taking a risk. First, women were not valued in those days. They were generally relegated to the kitchen to oversee and participate in the cooking and other household responsibilities. Remember Mary and Martha? Martha kept her place in the kitchen while Mary merely sat at Jesus’ feet, soaking up everything He had to say. Jesus validated Mary’s choice, even though she had gone against what society considered acceptable behavior for a female. The same was true for the woman who anointed Jesus with perfume.

A woman entering a room occupied primarily by men was a risky move. She was supposed to be in the kitchen slicing lamb, not hanging out with the guys. Imagine her walking through the door, the alabaster container in her hands, eyes fixed solely on Jesus. Not only did she boldly enter where she didn’t belong—she interrupted the conversation so she could fulfill what the Lord had impressed on her heart.

I wonder how our worship would change if we entered His House each Sunday with our eyes fixed solely on Him. What if we freed ourselves to pour out our praise without worrying what other people think?

Sometimes worship is what Mary modeled—being still enough to learn from the Master. Other times, our adoration involves pouring out what the Lord has poured in. He accepts both.

  • What can you do to be more conscious of the Lord and less conscious of others when you worship in His House?
  • How do you react when someone worships in a way different from yours?