Day Six – Partner with the Spirit

Today’s scripture:  Genesis 24:58-61, Revelation 22:17

In the brief time the servant spent with this family, he built a relationship of trust. By the time her family asked, “Will you go with this man?” Rebekah responded “yes” without hesitation. She had confidence in both the message and the messenger. The servant had simply established trust. The family presented the proposal.

In Revelation 22:17 we read, “The Spirit and the bride say, ‘come!’” Imagine that. As part of the Bride of Christ, we are partners with His Spirit to engage the “Rebekahs” of the world to the Son of God. Holy matchmaking! As we follow the Spirit’s lead, He will take us to those who are ready to respond to the proposal, “Will you go with this Man?”

Who says evangelism is hard?

  • How do you establish trusting relationships with people? What role does the Holy Spirit play in those relationships?
  • At this moment, who is the “Rebekah” in your life? What are you doing to engage that person to the Son?