Day Three –Stay close to the Well

Today’s scripture: Genesis 24:11, John 12:32

Abraham’s servant knew the importance of the well. It was the central location where women would congregate as they went to draw water. He positioned himself in a perfect spot, keeping the well as the focus. Today, Jesus is our Living Water. If He is kept as the central focus, searching people will find their satisfaction in Him.

A few years ago I attended a meeting of professionals who were discussing the greatest needs of their clients. As the only Christian in the group I remained silent during the dialogue. Some of their comments painted the church in a bad light and, as much as I wanted to come to the church’s defense, I felt God wanted me to listen and learn. As the discussion was nearing a close, one person stood and loudly declared, “What people need today is a spiritual experience without the religion!” The group suddenly became very excited as the conversation turned to “spiritual” techniques like body scan meditation and other New Age exercises. As they conversed, God showed me that these people were hungry, but they were eating gravel; they were thirsty but they were drinking sand. They thought they had stumbled upon an oasis, but it was only a mirage.

As I left event, one person sought me out and said, “I know you’re a Christian and I’m really confused. Can I meet with you sometime to talk about what took place today?” Of course, I agreed and eventually was able to direct this person to a local church where I knew God’s Word was being taught.

Jesus said, “If I am lifted up from the earth, I will draw all men to myself.” We can let searching people settle for a mirage, or we can lead them to the true Oasis.

  • How do you see people quenching their spiritual thirst? How can you lead a person from a mirage to an oasis?
  • What does it mean to “lift Jesus up”?