Day Six – Don’t just give. Bring.

Today’s Scripture: 1 Kings 17:13

“Bring it to me so I can eat first.” Elijah didn’t just ask her to deplete the supply of flour and oil. He requested that she be inconvenienced by bringing the bread back to him. He could have easily accompanied her to the house and saved her a return trip. Or, when it was ready, she could have called “Come and get it!” Now she had to walk back to the city gate and present it to him.

At times working for the Lord—or serving others—can feel like an inconvenience. We’re more apt to serve if it can be on our terms, on our schedule, in our preferred location.

The words “bring” and “give” are distinctively different. We can give something without changing where we sit. The recipient can “come and get it” if he wants. We don’t even have to budge. They do. To bring, however, requires us to leave one place for another in order to make the presentation.

When we are in true obedience, we will act on God’s terms, not ours. When God sends you out, don’t just give. Go out of your way to bring.

  • When does obeying God feel like an inconvenience to you? How have you responded at those times?
  • What are situations when you’ve found it easier to “give” than to “bring”? How would the end results have been different if you had inconvenienced yourself to bring?