Day Three – Take the first step

Today’s Scripture: 1 Kings 17:13, Joshua 1:6-7

Elijah’s instructions to the widow are still applicable today. In verse thirteen we read five directives he gave to the woman. Let’s spend the next five days exploring each one.

“Don’t be afraid.” Something about her response or her demeanor messaged Elijah that this woman was a little scared. Who wouldn’t be? Imagine you and your only child facing possible death by starvation, and a stranger comes and asks for your last bit of food. However, Elijah’s words must have instilled courage in this woman, because she did exactly as he directed.

Stepping out in faith to obey the Lord can be unnerving. Remember Joshua? The Lord exhorted him more than once to be strong and courageous, guaranteeing him success if he was. God even threw in a bonus—“I will never leave you nor forsake you.”

Rest assured—when God calls, He equips, He stays close, and the results are significant!

  • Who are your encouragers? What do you need to hear from them so your faith can be bolstered?
  • How do you encourage others you know are taking steps of faith?