Day Two – It’s about potential

Today’s Scripture: 1 Kings 17:10-12

Did you notice Elijah asked the widow to bring him something that didn’t exist? “Bring me some bread,” he asked. The widow responded truthfully when she said she had no bread. Her reality was the ingredients. God’s reality was the finished product. Elijah knew she had the potential to make bread. She just had to use what she already possessed.

When God asks us to do something beyond our ability, it’s because He’s inventoried the pantry of our soul and He sees the unused “ingredients.” One small act of obedience can open a door of potential that we didn’t know even existed. Just as the flour and oil never ran out, the possibilities are endless when we allow the Lord to show us our potential.

  • If God searched your pantry of potential, what unused ingredients would He find? What’s keeping you from using those ingredients?
  • What has He already asked you to do, but you’ve hesitated because you don’t think you can? What will help you get started?